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Kyle Richardson, MBA

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

"By future-proofing B2Bs through digital transformation and strategic change, we take a personal approach to support ongoing success for the individuals that make up our client’s organization. That’s incredibly important to us.”

As a business consultant focusing on strategic planning, digital marketing, and leadership, Kyle has been instrumental in shaping the various partners he’s worked with over the years, including some of North America’s fastest-growing advertising and digital marketing agencies.

Through Bane, his vision is to set a new standard for B2B growth strategies by making modern, holistic approaches to strategy and marketing more mainstream.

Kyle earned an MBA from Babson College and he has a passion for health, sports, and fitness. He played rugby while getting his B.S. in physiology from PSU and he is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.

Tristin Smith

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder

“I use my passion for knowledge and strategy as the foundation for building extremely effective sales and marketing programs through tech implementation, team empowerment, and digital-first solutions."

A voracious learner and self-proclaimed strategy nerd, Tristin turned his passion from the food service businesses to digital transformation and B2B marketing. In 5 short years, he made incredible waves across the landscape of B2B and B2C paid marketing and strategic change, with a focus on nurturing clients through complex journeys with exceptional CX strategies.

Through Bane, his aim is to help unify our partner's teams around a common goal: streamlined digital transformation that empowers experience before, during, and after purchases, simplifies account-based marketing deployment and data collection, and strengthens operational revenue.

Tristin has a B.A. in psychology and business development from Grand Canyon University. His diploma is punctuated by a wealth of certifications and his continued passion for keeping himself apprised of new strategies and industry trends that help keep businesses on the cutting edge of productivity, scalability, and success.

Jedediah Clawson

Head of Partnerships

"Just as B2C marketing is constantly evolving, I see an opportunity to create partnerships that change how we view the B2B landscape.”

Jed’s passion is people. His background as an account manager and marketing leader fuels his approach to growth through the development of strong bonds with clients, partners and his teams.

With Bane, Jed focuses on creating meaningful partnerships centered on trust, strategy, and long-term value. His passion for nurturing fellowship and familiarity comes from his belief that in a digital-first world, human connection is the true differentiator.

Jedediah has a B.A. in History from UVU and is an avid outdoorsman, reader, motorcycle enthusiast, and cinephile.

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